R2K Challenge – Chunky Laptop

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I use my MacBook on a daily basis so it is important that I have a laptop to use during the 7 day challenge. Today I picked up a laptop to use for the “Retro 2000 Challenge“. I have owned this laptop for around 5 years, I was given the laptop a few years ago and it has had little-to-no-use since. The laptop I am going to use is a Dell Inspiron 7500

Dell Inspiron 7500

This chunky dell is running a Pentium 3 600MHZ CPU with 128MB of RAM and a 12GB hard disk drive. The laptop comes with the ATI Rage Mobility-P graphics card. The first thing you noticed with this laptop is the amazing screen resolution 1400×1050!

It really is a chunky laptop. I love that it comes with a floppy drive and a CD-drive. On the side of the laptop it has two PCMCIA ports, I have placed an ethernet adapter in one slot.

I have spent the afternoon installing a fresh copy of Windows 98se.

I’m really pleased with the chunky Dell, it performs well, and I love the screen resolution. I think this will make a great companion to help me through the R2K challenge.

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