R2K Challenge – Phone Replacement

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Throughout the day I am constantly checking and referring to my phone. I use it to check social media, emails, weather reports, I use it to send messages and share photographs, I use it on an evening to listen to podcasts and music. My iPhone has become an essential companion. Out-of-all the technology I will be going without, my phone will be the hardest to give up!

While preparing for this challenge I have been checking eBay and Facebook looking for a phone to use. Unfortunately I have struggled to find a phone that fits the year 2000 restriction. The phones I have found have either had battery issues or have been too expensive.

I have sourced a Motorola Vazr V3 from a friend. Although produced after the year 2000 (released in 2004) it has limited functionality and I have added a pay-as-you-go SIM to the phone so I will be only using the phone to receive voice calls and texts when away from home.

I often listen to Spotify and Podcasts on my phone. To help fill this void I have sourced a 1GB MP3 player from a friend. Again this technology breaks the 2000 rule as it was released in 2004, but MP3 players were around in the year 2000, but unfortunately again are selling for large amounts on eBay.

Although I am cheating with the Motorola and the MP3 player both are still retro technology and contain no extra-beneficial technology I couldn’t get in an equivalant device from the year 2000.


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