Patient Zero – Free Pentium 3

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Eighteen months ago (2016) I made the mistake of clearing out my gadget cupboard, selling and giving away all the PC hardware I had accumulated over the past 20 years. I had decided I didn’t need all the bulky hardware and I could emulate the old platforms using DOSBox, VirtualBox, Parallels etc. I soon discovered it just isn’t the same. I was beginning to miss battling with the hardware and the sense of accomplishment when something finally worked.

Deciding it was time to jump back into the retro PC scene I fired up eBay. Using the Facebook Marketplace and eBay I started searching for old hardware with one thought in mind РI need to rebuild my collection. I was spoilt for choice,  certain hardware is still quite expensive (3DFX cards, 486 machines) but most machines seem to sell for cheap, and in some cases FREE!

Introducing Patient Zero
After checking the Facebook Marketplace I found the first addition to my retro PC collection – Patient Zero. The advert simply read “An old computer, works, Win95!!” the listing was for FREE and included a single picture (see above). How could I resist? A mystery spec PC, I could determine from the picture it was pentium 3 but everything else was a mystery. I sent the seller a message arranging to collect the following week.

Once home sceptical it would work I fired her up. To my surprise the machine booted without an issue and had Windows 98 installed.

Patient Zero Specifications:

  • Intel 440BX Motherboard
  • Slot 1 Pentium 3 450
  • 384MB of RAM
  • 8MB ATI Rage Pro
  • 10GB Hard disk drive

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