MS-DOS 6.22 Base/Conventional Memory Issue: FIXED

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While trying to play Cannon Fodder on my new MS-DOS PC I received the following error:

Optimising Memory

Base memory required: 583280
Base memory available: 581600

To fix this issue and free up base / conventional memory I did the following. I wanted to share this incase it helps someone with similar issues. Disclaimer:  Although this fix worked for me it may not necessarily work for you – please back up the AUTOEXEC and CONFIG files before changing them (just-in-case).

  • Installed Phils Computer Lab’s MS-DOS Starter disk
  • While at the command prompt type: MemMaker  and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Place CD Drivers and Mouse drivers into high memory. In AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS where these drivers are mentioned and states “DEVICE=C:\” this needs changing to .”DEVICEHIGH=C:\”
  • Open up AUTOEXEC.BAT – where it says “DOS=UMB” add the word “HIGH” so it reads “DOS=HIGH,UMB” this places DOS in high memory.
  • Finally I installed QEMM – (warning QEMM does crash some games so check before installing).

All the above fixed the memory issues I was encountering. If the above helped or you have anything you want to add please comment below.





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