Day Two – Retro 2000 Challenge

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I’ve had a great day today, I visted Toby Carvery for lunch and picked up an amazing retro PC collection from Freecycle!

Browsing last night I found a listing for old PC’s and spares. I made contact with the freecycle member and this morning I picked up the following:

  • 2x Pentium 4 desktop machines (both with Geforce4 64MB cards)
  • 1x Pentium 133MHZ desktop machine
  • a box of spare hard drives (1GB through to 3GB)
  • a box of spare PCI and ISA cards (mix of graphics and soundcards)
  • a box of PC PRO demo discs going back to 1997
  • a box of floppy disks (including Windows 3.1, DOS 6.22 and DOOM!)
  • a box of containing ENCARA 95, WORKS + other software
  • a few PC books and guides
  • 3 binders containing old PC magazines going back to 1997
  • a tin containing LAPLINK floppy disks and cable
  • a set of retro beige speakers

I’m really pleased with the items I collected, the biggest problem now is making space for the new additions to my retro PC collection. Given the volume of parts and software it may take a while to test everything. After flicking through the demo disks I’ve found they’re all arranged in year order. It’s like having a local hard-copy of! I am tempted to set up a PC to burn the disk’s to ISO images and upload them to

Similar to yesterday I have missed my mobile phone, especially while I was  sorting through the retro haul. Given the unusual day I’ve been preoccupied sorting through the PC parts meaning I haven’t really missed my PC/MacBook or the internet.

Sticking to the from-or-before the year 2000 restriction I plan on ending the day watching Babylon 5, it is a show I have never got around to watching.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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