Day Three – Retro 2000 Challenge

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Earlier in the week I picked up a copy of Sid Mierer’s Alpha Centari from a local CEX store (for a bargain 50p!). I was late to the Sid Mierer’s party, I didn’t jump on until Civ IV so missed out on Alpha Centari. I ran Alpha Centari on my chunky dell and it ran really well, very smooth. The game did not disappoint – I really enjoyed it and was immersed within the first 30 minutes – I played the game for six hours straight!

Due to my Alpha Centari marathon today has been a very uneventful day. I played some Alpha Centari, read a DC comic (JLA Classified: New Maps of Hell) and watched a couple of X-Files episodes from season 3 (the one with the cockroaches and the one with the horoscope empowered cheerleaders). I was struggling to find TV to watch that matched the criteria so I signed up to a months free trial of Amazon, mostly so I can watch X-Files in wide-screen 1080p.

All-in-all not a bad way to spend my annual leave.

In regards to the retro 2000 challenge I haven’t found today difficult. I still miss my phone!

Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be more insightful. 


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