Day One – Retro 2000 Challenge

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Greetings from Windows 98!

Today has been an interesting insight into how my week is going to unfold. Windows 98 can be slightly frustrating when it comes to browsing the internet on a full-time basis. I spent the morning testing web browsers. I eventually settled with Opera 11.5 (I am using Opera as I type this). Opera 12 and Firefox 8 both work using KernalEx but I have found Opera 11.5 to be the more stable.

With the loss of my iPhone and the lack of credit on my new old phone I wanted to check what comms I had available to me. Thankfully both Facebook Messenger and the messaging system on Twitter both work in Opera (providing I go to the mobile sites).


I can access the back-end of wordpress, although it is very unstable. As I type, this is my second attempt in writing this post and I am struggling to insert images.

The weather today has been very wet meaning I have spent the day indoors. I kept to the restrictions regarding TV. I watched a couple of episodes of Friends (season 1), the first Ghostbusters movie and I watched a couple of cartoon episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Tonight I am going to watch a movie, possibly The Green Mile?

I filled in the majority of the day playing around with computer hardware. I have built a second desktop machine today using some parts from my cupboard. I have built a Pentium 3 650mhz with 196MB of RAM and a 10GB hard drive – I plan on installing Windows 98 tomorrow.

I haven’t played many games today, I have installed Starfleet Commander III (which needed a directx 9 fix) and completed the tutorial. I will play a skirmish tomorrow on it.

Not the most exciting day, but I survived. I really miss my phone. I will do an update everyday and mini-updates via Twitter. 




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