Day Four – Retro 2000 Challenge

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I am struggling to write a post covering day four. It is becoming very repetitive, I played some Alpha Centauri, watched some X-Files and played around with some of the hardware I picked up earlier in the week.

I finished off the Tiny Tower PC I started earlier in the week:

  • i816 Motheroard,
  • P3 650MHZ,
  • 392MB RAM,
  • Diamond V550 PCI Graphics Card,
  • 10GB Hard Drive,
  • C-Media CMI8738 Soundcard

I installed Windows  98SE on the Tiny PC with KernalEx. The machine runs well and I love the look of the case. Unfortunately it is a little loud, I plan on changing the CPU fan and PSU in the near future.

Earlier in the week I picked up an old Compaq Desktop running a Pentium CPU, I tried to boot the machine but nothing, no beeps or whirs. I have left the machine as found and I plan on doing a video cleaning up the machine next week.

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