Day Five: Failing the Retro Challenge

Published by angrydinosaur on

Today is a sad day. After five days I don’t have the will power to continue. I am missing the “real” internet, YouTube and my iPhone.

I lasted until around 11am this morning (7th of April 2018). This means I survived for approximately 107 hours following the rules of the Retro 2000 Challenge. 

I have enjoyed playing with the pre-2000 hardware, I love playing the games from that era and I feel nostalgic while watching 90’s TV and movies. My main struggle has been the restricted internet access through Windows 98. I honestly didn’t realise how much I relied on the internet and the entertainment it provides. My iPhone provides me with constant access to the internet, social media and entertainment. Without my phone and this access I have found the days longer.

The retro challenge was an interesting experiment and I would definitely repeat it. I would however adjust the time period to 72 hours.

I would love to hear from others that have attempted a similar challenge. Please leave a comment sharing your experience.


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