The Retro 2000 Challenge

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I have been thinking about doing this challenge for sometime but with work and family commitments it has been difficult to find the time. The aim of the challenge is to go about daily life for 7 days only using retro hardware. Originally I was going to set the target date as 1999, but after assessing the hardware I have available to me I have chosen the year 2000.

Sounds easy? The more I prepare for this challenge the more difficulties I encounter. What technologies do I include?  Do I include software? Do I include media types? How do I access the internet? Can I use my home broadband? My car?

It was clear I needed to set some ground rules.

The R2K Challenge Rules:

  • The hardware inside the main desktop PC must be from-or-before the year 2000
  • The laptop used must be from-or-before the year 2000
  • The desktop PC and laptop must run Windows 98 SE
  • Internet can be accessed through a modern broadband router and network switch
  • Software released after the year 2000 can be used but the hardware and OS restrictions still apply
  • Modern PCs/MacBooks/iPADs/Games Consoles etc can not be used
  • Any games consoles used must be from-or-before the year 2000
  • iPhone/Android/Smart phones can not be used
  • Normal TV (Sky/Freeview/Netflix/NowTV etc) can be used however any show/movie must be from-or-before the year 2000 (This rule has been added due to the difficulties of re-equipping family spaces, and it will make things interesting).

If you are interested in doing the R2K Challenge please feel free to give it a try and leave a comment below showing your efforts.

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owen · April 2, 2018 at 11:24 am

Gonna be hard on the internet since https decided to break half the webpages

    John Lawson · April 2, 2018 at 11:45 am

    I have spent most of the morning battling that exact problem. Thanks to KernelEx I have been able to install Opera 12 making the internet slightly more tolerable. Happy days I can still access the wordpress back-end (although it’s very glitchy).

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